2006 Roblox Accounts 

2006 Roblox Accounts
2006 Roblox Accounts
2006 Roblox Accounts


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2006 accounts are beginning to be more and more valuable by the day, as we approach 15 YEARS since the account was created. I’m selling a fraction of my stock right now. One of the accounts comes with offsales items. Gets great attention in game, comes with rare items amounting to 7K RAP/Value. Buy before you can’t!


By buying, you AGREE to these terms.

1- if an account is banned or locked e days or earlier after I have sold you it, you will be granted a full refund or replacement. Otherwise, I am unable to refund you.

2- YOU are responsible for said account after purchasing. If you are hacked, cookie logged, or scammed, it is out of my hands.

3- for random accounts, the process of picking is 100% random. If you receive few to no items on an account, please do not message me for a replacement.

4- i have the right to refuse to sell to a buyer involved in suspicious activity.

5- Unfortunately, I cannot always respond as soon as payment comes through. You will not leave negative feedback unless I do not send the information for 24+ hours!

6- Some accounts will be underaged, I am not obliged to fix glitches on the account! You, the buyer, will also not file a dispute for this reason. (I will still fix 2FA’ed accounts!!)

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